Arts festivals are a warm-weather phenomenon in Upstate New York, but the upcoming launch of ArtShow.org will provide a year-round destination for Rochester’s professional and amateur artists, collectors and enthusiasts, exhibitors and vendors alike.

Before ArtShow.org, no online entity has ever been uniquely configured to accommodate the varied interests and needs of these art lovers. That changes with the launch of this original site, a web-based community that will provide a shared online space for all dimensions of Rochester’s diverse art world.

“It’s simple: If you love art, ArtShow.org is for you,” says Wendy LaBarge, founder and SheEO of the site. “If you can’t come home from a Rochester art festival without a new wall hanging or ceramic piece, you’ll love being able to take a virtual stroll through our member pages to see the latest creations. If you work behind the scenes at one of those festivals, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to see and be seen. And if you’re a working artist, in any medium, you won’t have experienced a local site like this before.”

Browsing through the gallery-style pages of ArtShow.org is free for the general public, while tiered membership levels for professional artists will provide the site’s foundational content. Benefits vary by membership level, but all levels provide each member with a customizable gallery page where they can post photos and descriptions of their work, pricing information, artist bios and more. This commission-free gallery can dramatically increase year-round exposure and sales opportunities.

LaBarge, a lifetime creative soul and entrepreneur, tapped into her personal awareness of Rochester’s burgeoning artists’ community to get ArtShow.org off the ground. Months of regional market research and focus group interviews helped to direct the design of the site. “This is a labor of love for me, but it also represents a unique service for anyone who loves art,” she says. “We’ve heard all year from professional artists and festivalgoers that this is a long-overdue idea whose time has come.”


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