What is ArtShowdotorg?

We are an online gallery and shared community where artists and those who love art can gather. Artists can display their work for fans, collectors and exhibitors. And for casual site visitors, we’re excited to help shine a bright spotlight on the dazzling talents of our region’s creators!

Fans and collectors of art can follow their favorite artists and get notifications when new pieces have been listed, and learn when & where their favorite artists will be displaying their work locally. The site has been designed to make it easy for anyone to find, join and participate in the art world of Greater Rochester. No matter how art touches your life, you belong here.


You have “dot-org” in your name. Are you a nonprofit?

No. The designation ‘.org’ is no longer restricted to charities. Our ArtShow Dot Org site is community-centric—it just felt right to us.


Do you sell reproductions or original art?

Everything we sell is the original work of the artists who exhibit here. Some of our artists may choose to sell reproductions of their own work, but in such cases, it should be marked as such.


Is all of the art made locally?

Mostly. The typical ArtShowdotorg members live in or around the Greater ROC area, but since this service is valuable to artists that live elsewhere but show locally, you can also expect to see visiting artists.

In addition, we regularly spotlight artists from different regions on our Guest Artist page.


When will I be able to buy art here?

Soon! It’s on our high priority list for the next roll out.


How does purchasing art here help support the ROC arts community? Why not just buy directly from the artist?

Until now, being an independent artist has meant living with a highly unstable income. Many artists hustle from spring to fall, exhibiting at every art show they can. When shows aren’t in season, galleries are an artist’s best friend. But gallery space is limited and, frankly, they don’t see the same amount of traffic as an art show on a warm summer weekend. With ArtShowdotorg, it’s summer all year long! (OK, we have no control over the weather, but at least we can bring the art.)

Because artists who exhibit on ArtShowdotorg keep 100 percent of their sales, when you buy here, it’s no different than buying directly from the artist. We just fixed the two of you up (you’re welcome).

We’re also bringing the arts and events calendars from all your favorite venues into one easy-to-navigate location. The more you see and do, the more work your favorite artists get.

And we’re taking the mystery out of buying art by offering classes, maker videos, AMAs (Ask Me Anything, a real-time question-and-answer session) with artists and more.


How do you find and vet your artists?

ArtShowdotorg has deep roots in the ROC art community. We’re longtime fans of many of the artists who you’ll see on this site. And part of the excitement of building this enterprise has been getting to know hundreds of professional creators in the community, many of whom were excited to join us when they heard about the site. They told two friends, and then they told two friends… oops, showing my age again!

We’ve been working on our presence on social media, and we collect all the show and festival rosters. Through data cultivation and organization, we’re pretty savvy about who’s who. But still, we only want to offer you quality, so we’re having artists submit some essential familiar recognition photos in their applications to ascertain that they are indeed the artist whose work they’re showing. But there is no jurying process – we don’t judge their work. We leave that to you.


How can I get more information about a specific piece of art?

We’re encouraging all our artists to include information in their profile as well as in their listings for individual pieces. If your questions still aren’t answered, check the artist’s profile for contact information; then feel free to reach out directly.


Can I contact an artist directly?

Yes. Artists include contact information in their profiles, and we encourage direct communication between creators and collectors. ArtShowdotorg is intended to bring this vibrant community together—and that can only succeed if we all get to know each other a bit.


Does 2-D art come framed? Is hanging hardware already attached?

Framing details and other specifics of a particular piece will vary by artist. The listing should specify this information; if not, please don’t hesitate to contact the artist directly.


What if I want to commission an artist to make a custom piece? How does that work?

Visit the artist’s profile page to see whether they are accepting commissions. If so, the two of you can work out details like payment, delivery date, etc. together.


How often do you add new art/artists?

This is the internet, an environment known for immediacy. Our practice will be to activate a new account for an artist as soon as they sign up. It may take them some time to fully customize their Artist’s Page, but a creator’s ability to connect to ArtShowdotorg is never more than a few keystrokes — and a credit card number — away.


How do I make a purchase?

It couldn’t be easier. Just click “Add to Cart” for each item you want to purchase. When you’re ready to pay, click “Check Out.” Follow the instructions on the screen.


What payment forms do you accept?

All the usuals — Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.


How much of the purchase price goes to the artist?

100 percent! ArtShowdotorg doesn’t take any commissions.


Does the price include shipping?

No. Shipping costs will not be included in the list price. After you add the item to your basket, you’ll have an opportunity to select a shipping method. Some artists may allow you to avoid shipping charges by picking up the work directly from their studios.


How will the art be packaged and shipped? Will it be insured?

The only person who cares more than you about the condition in which your art arrives is the person who created it. They will take steps to cushion and protect it during transit. If you have specific questions, you should direct those to the artist.

If you’d like it to be insured, please communicate that to the artist. Be aware that this will likely cost extra.


Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Each artist makes this decision individually. Be sure to check with them before purchasing.


When will my art arrive?
We encourage artists to ship all orders within 72 hours of purchase.


What if the artwork arrives damaged?

If your artwork arrives damaged, please report it immediately to the artist. S/he will work with you to make things right.


I changed my mind and I want to cancel my order. Can I do that?

If the artist hasn’t shipped the package yet, it may be possible. It all depends on the timing and circumstances.

See our return policy here: Return Policy


What if I don’t like it, or it doesn’t work in my home when it arrives? Can I return it?

As we said in our Return Policy, that will be up to each individual artist.


Do you have a referral or loyalty program for customers?

Not yet, but we hope to soon!


I want to purchase art as a gift for someone, but I don’t really know their taste. Can I buy a gift certificate?

Definitely! We have two options for you, and they’re both here. You can either send an e-gift certificate or for a small upcharge, we will send a gift card in a beautiful decoratively wrapped gift package for them to open, with a bit o’ swag included.


Why should I review my purchase experience? Do I get anything for doing it?

Consider it good karma. If you relied on another buyer’s review before deciding whether or not to purchase something, please pay it forward. Help out someone else who was in your shoes. Besides, when artists know what worked for you and what didn’t, it helps them improve their offerings and their customer service.





Can I “follow” an artist?     

Sure! Just visit their Artist’s Page. And if you really want to show the love to an artist, sign up for their e-newsletter, too.


Can I share stuff I like on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms?

Please do! We’ve provided you with sharing buttons at both the top and bottom of each page. Follow @artshowdotorg on social media (@artshow.org on Facebook), and don’t forget to follow your favorite artists, too! You can even tag them (and us) when you share something.

How can I find out where and when my favorite artists will be exhibiting their work?

Glad you asked! ArtShowdotorg has been created to offer all the benefits of a year-round, all-weather arts festival, but sometimes there’s no substitute for being in the same room with an interesting piece. We offer several ways to keep track of your favorite artists in real life:

  • Check the different Artist’s Pages—many will list their upcoming exhibitions and festival appearances
  • Subscribe to your favorite artists’ newsletter, if they offer one
  • Check the calendar listings in our Local section for a constantly updated listing of the latest bookings at galleries, festivals and more

Sometimes I just don’t “get” art, or I feel intimidated by it. How can I learn more?

You’re gonna love this! We will have tons of educational videos for artists and makers of all stripes, as well as for the art-curious. We will also host live events, online AMAs with artists and more.

You can always interact with an artist through her or his profile, too, and ask everything you want to know via emailing or messaging. Artists love to talk about their work!


How can I break out of my rut and discover new artists?

Check out our spotlight artists, which change every week. We will also be featuring a rotating cast of artists on our vlogs and AMAs. Or play around and filter by color or theme. Have fun and explore!


I’m new to collecting art and have no idea how to best display it in my home. Got any tips?

Honestly, we’re in favor of breaking rules whenever possible. Do what looks good to you. But if you insist on knowing the rules before you break them, check out this page o’ links on how to hang art.



 How Tos

How do I add art/artists to my favorites?


How do I follow a certain artist?


I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

You can’t recover it, but you can go here to reset it.

I need to change my payment info/contact info. Where can I do that?

Your profile page has links to all these changes, or you can go directly here for billing changes.


How do you protect my privacy?

Here’s the link to our Privacy Policy.

Where can I see my previous purchases?

If you’ve set up a customer account with us, simply log in and click on “View My Purchases.” If you haven’t created an account (what are you waiting for, anyway?) we don’t have a way to track your purchases.


I’m looking for a specific color, size, medium, artist or style. How can I filter the results I’m getting?

Click the “Show Me Art” button, and then use the drop-down menus to filter by specific criteria.


I want less contact — no newsletters, no email campaigns. How can I unsubscribe?

Click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email you receive from us or an ArtShowdotorg artist. You should see it take effect within a couple of days.




I’ve read this whole list of FAQs and my question still isn’t answered. What should I do? 


You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂

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