Artist Memberships

Your Charter Membership gives you customizable online space to represent you and your art. The heart of each membership is a page that you can tailor with the look, feel and features that best represent your work and your business goals.

Your Artist’s Page includes:

Artist’s bio

Artwork images

Artwork descriptions

Artist’s blog

Awards, citations & publications

Linked business website

Linked festival schedules

Linked local gallery schedule

Linked sales events

Linked social profiles

Linked wholesale schedule

SEO tags

Customer feedback

Booth and studio photos

Learn how to improve your skills to achieve success in selling your art, both in person and online. In order to help merge the worlds of art and commerce, members have unlimited access to our private Business Center with valuable info and resources.

Create instant collectibles for your customers with branded business cards that have your art on the front, your contact info on the back and fold into a stand-up easel so your art is always on display! Customers losing your business cards is a thing of the past.

Take advantage of our affiliations with local and virtual educational resources.

An ever-growing library of useful original content and shared articles will teach you valuable business skills.

Find groups, associations and organizations to join.

Learn how to market yourself and your art for maximum return.

Let your customers know where they can always find you and your work with an branded booth sign.

Make personal and professional connections with your peers: other artists. Chat and socialize, discuss and collaborate, friend and follow.

Get feedback on how to improve your show booth with our gentle but helpful critique system.*

Participate in upcoming live online art sales events.*

Gain valuable insights via small-group, 1:1 or webinar meetups with advisory partners.*

Our exclusive, comprehensive and up-to-date local show database with vendor applications, deadlines, reviews and statistics.

Browse our curated lists of relevant art, business and creativity websites.

Read and participate in art and business product reviews.*

Learn how to navigate the wholesale market.

Research knowledge bases for both state and federal taxes.

Watch creative and technical tutorials.*

Find out how to control your SEO and get more action on your site.

Connect with your fans and meet new ones in our public Facebook group.

Receive discounts to select local and online businesses to save on a plethora of business expenses like printing and framing.

Let our team offer advice on optimizing your online presence with website assessments.*

Find studio space, sell extra art supplies, place an ad for help, offer collaborative services, or whatever you think of (as long as it’s legal).

Earn points for completing activities and reviews online and redeem for valuable swag.

On top of all this, your art won’t be limited to your profile page. We will publicize your art on multiple platforms of social media, as well as around our site, and in our email newsletter… all credited, so new fans will find you!

You will get all of this and MORE for just $19 a month!

Join before XX/XX/19 to reserve your space as a Charter Member for 20% your first three months, and benefits for the life of your subscription.

(Don’t delay, we are only allowing 150 Charter Memberships!)


*benefits coming soon


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